TMU holds 2020 Taiwan Experience Education Program

Source: Office of Global Engagement

Published on 2020-11-09

The Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP) is a full-year, open-enrollment laboratory internship program.

It attracts a large number of international students from North America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and other locations. Through dedicated classes, laboratory practicums, on the job learning, and cultural visits, students gain not only internship experience, but cultural and life experiences. In this environment of low birth rates and fierce international competition in higher education, Taipei Medical University (TMU) has designed a high-value, short-term research/internship program that has attracted young scholars with high potential from countries around the world. Through the program, they come to experience TMU’s superior integration of medical pedagogy and research resources, and to enhance their chances of admission in the future.

TMU received more funds from the Ministry of Education for the 2020 TEEP than any school in the country. TMU’s Taiwan Experience Education Program is now in its third year. For 2020, TEEP will include 9 internship programs. Click the link for the list of internships.

TEEP students concentrate on performing experiments

Students attend the 2019 BIO Asia-Taiwan Exhibition

Students attend the 2019 BIO Asia-Taiwan Exhibition