With an overwhelming number of applications, we are still in the review process. The admission result will be announced by the end of the coming week.

The Study Abroad at TMU Program is designed for people who consider their career in healthcare and want to earn transferable academic credits.

Through this 5-month program at TMU, you can

  • Study at a top-ranked university and experience life in Taipei City 
  • Study side-by-side with other international students and working professionals.
  • Earn course credit that may transfer towards your future degree study
  • Choose from 60+ enriching courses in health and biomedical sciences
  • Immersed yourself in Chinese language and culture with the 6 hours a week Mandarin intensive course


  • Be a citizen from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan,  Australia or New Zealand
  • With a strong background in biological science, healthcare, laboratory work, data analysis
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or in your senior year of college

Course List

Course Title Credit
New Southbound Policy medical cooperation plan Required
New Southbound Policy: Culinary Diplomacy Required
Technology, medicine & society 3
Special topics in biotechnology research (I) 2
Advanced topics in digital oral engineering 2
Advanced topics in nutrition  2
Forum for cell therapy & regeneration medicine 1
Tumor molecular biology & microenvironment: current challenges & opportunities in oncology precision therapeutics  3
Fundamental biomedical knowledge  2
Biological & clinical perspectives of human disease 2
Nutrition & health (I) 2
International health issues & quality management  2
Global health organizations & Initiatives  2
Seminar in international injury & violence prevention  2
Introduction to neuroscience 3
Seminar 1
Issues in advanced maternal nursing 2
Course Title Credit
A.I. & data sciences 2
Research methods in biotech & healthcare management 2
Theory of organization & management 2
Apprentice in special topics (I) 1
Apprentice in special topics (II) 1
Biotechnology innovation management 2
Marketing of smart healthcare 2
Human resource management in health care organizations 2
Health information management 2
Seminar in total quality management of health care 2
Evaluation of health care policy 2
Course Title Credit
Basic computer programing 2
Bioinformatics in precision medicine 2
Medical decision support 2
Course Title Credit
Principles and practice of multiomics 2
Applied epidemiology  2
Advanced biomedical materials 2
Tissue engineering for clinical applications 2
Molecular diagnostics 2
Neuroscience from bench to bedside studies 2
Cell & molecular biology  2
Advanced stem cell biology 2
Cell biology 3
Clinical medicine research 2
Neuroscience & medical molecular imaging  2
Proteomics 2
Clinical drug discovery of pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics from botanical herbs 2
Psychiatric neuroscience 3
Neural transmission & metabolism 3
Functional magnetic resonance imaging 3
Introduction to circadian neuroscience 3
Analysis & application of nursing theory 3
Global health & transcultural care 2
Philosophy in nursing science & knowledge construction 3
Course Title Credit
Special topics in writing for publication 2
Advanced quantitative research methodology 3
Instrument development 2
Advanced longitudinal data analysis 2
Research methodology  2
Experimental principle & methods 2
Questionnaire design & application of social science research methods  2
Research methods in experimental psychology 2
Advanced psychological statistics 3

Key Dates

  • 15th July, 2022

    Application Deadline

  • 30th July, 2022

    Admission Result

    30th July, 2022

  • 12th Sep, 2022

    Course Start Date

  • 13th Jan, 2023

    Final Exam

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    13th Jan, 2023

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