College of Nursing international dementia meeting focuses on evidence-based care

Source: College of Nursing

Published on 2018-10-12

The College of Nursing held an international conference in April to which Dr. Ritsuko Yamada from Health Sciences University of Hokkaido and Dr. Miyae Yamakawa of Osaka University were invited. They shared their insights and empirical data with Taiwan scholars on different types of caretaking provided to dementia patients.

TMU Vice President Chao-Ching Huang opened the event noting dementia’s prevalence and social costs, as well as its demands on public health in a world with increasing life expectancy. Vice President Huang praised the conferees for sharing new treatment and management strategies to improve the lives of dementia patients.

TMU Vice President Chao-Ching Huang during the opening ceremony

Dr. Yamada shared research on technologies to treat sleepwalking and sleeping disorders among dementia patients; she also shared empirical data on caretaking from a multidisciplinary dementia treatment team. Dr. Yamakawa provided valuable information on nutritional support for elderly dementia patients based on her research.

In addition to the two guest speakers from Japan, numerous local experts specializing in dementia care were also invited to share their results.

TMU College of Nursing Dean Kuei-Ru Chou said she hoped the event promotes implementation and development of the most effective dementia care strategies, models and practices. She said such events optimize research into dementia care and help clinicians create effective strategies to improve patients’ quality of life.

Dean Kuei-Ru Chou from the College of Nursing discusses cognitive function training

Dementia conference attendees nearly filled the auditorium

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