Dengue prevention in Taiwan 2018

Source: College of Public Health

Published on 2018-01-19

Southeast Asian countries that are close to Taiwan, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand, have long suffered high rates of dengue fever.

In recent years, these nations’ dengue cases, incidence and mortality rates have remained high. In contrast, Taiwan has achieved excellent results in the prevention of dengue fever thanks to its advanced medical and health systems, comprehensive laws and regulations, reporting mechanisms, systematic monitoring of patients and vectors, application of fast screening tests, and other strategies and policies.

TMU’s College of Public Health sponsored a Dengue Prevention in Taiwan seminar so Southeast Asian experts and students could meet and exchange ideas with others involved in dengue prevention.

TMU Dean of Public Health Nai-Wen Kuo (6 th from right), Associate Professor Cheng-Hsiung Wang (4 th from right), Associate Researcher Cheng-Fen Yang (5 th from right) with Jung-Shin Deng, Vice General Manager of Medigen Vaccine Biologics, and other seminar attendees

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