Dr. Jason Wang (王智弘醫師) from Stanford University discussed new opportunities for Taiwan during the pandemic.

Source: Office of Business Development

Published on 2021-05-12

Associate Professor Jason Wang from the Stanford School of Medicine visited Taipei Medical University on January 7, 2021, and gave a speech on “Confronting the COVID-19 era and welcoming new opportunities for Taiwan”.

Dr. Jason Wang (王智弘醫師) from Stanford University

Dr. Jason Wang (王智弘醫師) has published a paper on Taiwan’s successful epidemic prevention in The Journal of the American Medical Association. Dr. Wang showed Taiwan’s innovative epidemic prevention policies, and gave suggestions and reflection on digital monitoring in various countries. In his speech, Dr. Wang particularly shared the major impacts and challenges brought by the global pandemic on healthcare systems and biomedical innovations, the current response strategies, and new opportunities.

He started out by talking about how COVID accelerates innovation. During the pandemic, telecare is being extensively used. However, patients are often unaware of what video equipment is needed and doctors often do not know how to conduct such consultation or physical examinations. Therefore, he recommended establishing  large-scale and systematic compliance guidelines in order to create more positive benefits, making this an opportunity for innovation.

At the same time, in the face of a rapidly mutating virus, being able to quickly and efficiently find a new vaccine is also another post-pandemic challenge that should be continuously examined and improved. “COVID-19 is a game-changer,” Dr. Wang said. Although it is a disease, it is also a turning point.