The Nature of Mind and Brain:
A Multimodal Neuroscience Approach

Organizer: Prof. Philip Tseng
(Graduate Institute of Mind Brain and Consciousness, College of Humanities and Social Sciences)

This TEEP program is run by faculty members from the Graduate Institute of Mind, Brain, and Consciousness. We are a group of scientists who investigate the inner workings consciousness and cognition, including their neural underpinnings. Our goal is to train students to think about mind and consciousness-related questions from a Cognitive Neuroscience perspective, and be able to design and conduct relevant experiments.

This year we offer internships in the following labs:

1) Perception, Attention, and Memory in the Brain (Dr. Philip Tseng & Dr. Josh Wang)

2) Electroencephalography and Biomedical Data Analysis in Humans (Dr. Tzu-Yu Hsu)

3) Neuroscience of Circadian Clocks (Dr. Jihwan Myung)

Subsidy program: Participant will be eligible to receive a monthly subsidy of TWD 15,000

Program duration: January 1 – December 31, 2021

Application duration: January 1 – December 31, 2021

Applicants should submit their application at least 2 months before their intended starting date of the program.