International Ph.D. program student from TMU’s College of Biomedical Engineer won The Future Fellowship 2021/2022 Grant for Women in Science

Source: College of Biomedical Engineering

Published on 2021-08-16

Thomashire Anita George, a third-year Ph.D. student in the College of Biomedical Engineer of Taipei Medical University won The Future Fellowship 2021/2022 Grant for Women in Science offered by the Schlumberger Foundation.

The Schlumberger Foundation is committed to gender equality in science; by providing research scholarships for outstanding female scientists, it strengthens women’s ability and influence in scientific development. Recipients must have excellent academic research and demonstrate that they are committed to returning to their home country after graduation to promote the economic, social and technological development.

Anita is from the Republic of Sierra Leone. She is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces and was an attending physician in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the military hospital. In addition, she also served as the director of the Department of Microbiology in the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences at the University of Sierra Leone.

Anita came to Taipei Medical University to pursue her studies in order to learn more professional knowledge and improve her skills in biomedical engineering. Her thesis advisor is Professor Thierry Burnouf and her co-advisor is Professor David Lundy. She likes the learning environment in Taipei Medical University and is very grateful to her two advisors for their guidance.

After graduating, she will return to her home country to help establish a national-level medical and health system. With the professional knowledge and skills she has learned at TMU, she will establish an institute of biomedical engineering with University of Sierra Leone to provide a learning environment for students who are committed to biomedical engineering research. She hopes that the institute can cultivate outstanding medical engineering talents, enhancing social and economic development, as well as the national welfare.

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