International Week features allied universities, cultural salon series and other events

Source: Taipei Medical University

Published on 2019-01-21

TMU’s 4th international week featured a special lecture on an international focusuniversity alliance and exhibitions of posters, films, and books.

Other events included an international cultural salon series and digital experts’ advice on important courses in allied universities. Various hands-on activities broadened students’ international perspectives. A special topic was introducing TMU’s focus alliance universities as well as their academic and research strengths. The poster display helped students understand these universities and joint degree systems. Students were advised how to apply for academic exchange scholarships, and what to expect from international exchange programs.

TMU students pack a presentation by Case Western Reserve University Vice Provost for International Affairs David Fleshler.

Alliance university week book exhibition

International cultural salon series: discussing international etiquette, U.S. pop culture, language learning and other wide-ranging topics.

President Julian of the Taipei Etiquette Association addresses TMU students.

The world citizen island activity simulated travel abroad. Digital self-study experts recommended courses at alliance universities so that others can take international courses without leaving the country. Hands-on learning experiences and activities help students to accumulate international knowledge while nurturing mobility and competitiveness.

TMU Vice President Chieh-Hsi Wu (middle), Academic Affairs Dean Jan-Show Chu, (6 th right, front row) pose with staff and students at alliance university activity