Italy’s University of Cagliari signs pharmacy dual degree agreement

Source: College of Pharmacy

Published on 2019-05-08

College of Pharmacy Dean Enzo Tramontano of Italy’s University of Cagliari visited TMU in December to finalize plans for a dual-degree PhD program with Pharmacy Dean Jing-Ping Liou of College and Director Ching-Chiung Wang of the Ph.D. Program for Clinical Drug Development of Chinese Herbal Medicine. 

University of Cagliari students also will be welcomed to join short-term TMU internship programs. The University of Cagliari was founded in 1606 and ranks among Italy’s top 10 public universities. A 2015 memorandum of understanding initiated joint research programs and staff-student exchanges, and the recent agreement is expected to further expand this cooperation.

left to right: Director Ching-Chiung Wang of the Ph.D. Program for Clinical Drug Development of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Pharmacy Dean Jing-Ping Liou and Dean Enzo Tramontano show the dual-degree agreement.

 Did you know?

The dual degree program will enable students in TMU’s Ph.D. Program for Clinical Drug Development of Chinese Herbal Medicine to study at the University of Cagliari at no extra cost, and both universities recognize each other’s course credits. Students can obtain a dual PhD by meeting graduation criteria of both universities. The program enhances students’ global perspectives and facilitates staff and student exchanges that raise the TMU course’s international visibility.

During the visit, Dean Tramontano discussed bilateral research possibilities with TMU College of Medicine and College of Medical Science and Technology faculty.

TMU Vice President Jackson Chieh-Hsi Wu met Dean Tramontano, Pharmacy Department Director Giorgio Palù and Internationalization Vice Rector Alessandra Carucci in a 2016 visit to the Cagliari campus.

Dean EnzoTramontano (second from right); Director Yen-Chou Chen, College of Medicine (second from left); Prof. Ming-Jen Hsu(1st right), Liang-Tzung Lin, Chief of Global Partnerships Section (1st left) .

TMU Outstanding International Alumni-Kraiwuth Kallawicha

Professors in the department, everyone was really kind to students, so that made all difficulties into small things.—Dr. Kraiwuth Kallawicha

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