Japanese UDF experts lecture on how to make foods elder-friendly

Source: College of Nutrition

Published on 2018-04-23

The College of Nutrition has long sought to enhance quality of life and nutritional care of elderly people. Recently a Japanese Universal Design Foods (UDF) symposium and practical courses were set up at TMU to welcome Japanese home health care nutritionists to visit the hospital kitchens and lecture.

Taiwan is also one of the world’s fastest-aging countries, because life expectancy has increased due to advances in medicine and technology. TMU’s Senior Nutrition Research Center addresses this growing population’s need to eat nutritious foods as part of helping improve their quality of life.

 Did you know?

Universal Design Foods originated in Japan so elderly patients who have difficulty in swallowing and chewing can enjoy the same nutritious diets as other people. The Japan UDF Association has developed a variety of food processing methods to soften foods for older people to eat.