Media tour TMU’s Marshall Islands health center

Source: Taipei Medical University

Published on 2018-04-03

Taipei Medical University invited a delegation of Taiwan-based reporters to the Republic of the Marshall Islands to learn about the medical treatments and health education of the Taiwan Health Center.

Westernized dietary habits have made diabetes the Marshall Islands’ leading cause of death, with more than half of people over age 40 recognized by the government as requiring diabetes treatment. Superintendent Mai-Szu Wu said Taiwan nurses cooperated with a Wellness Center to promote the educational activities. During the visit, TMU signed a memorandum of cooperation to further improve the health by changing Marshallese eating and living habits. TMU resident staff also assists doctors from other countries who seek to provide medical care for Marshall Islanders.

Shuang Ho Hospital has helped integrate medical resources and trained personnel at the Taiwan Health Center since 2013. TMU delegates also signed a letter of intent with the College of the Marshall Islands to assist in training nursing staff.

Over the next three years TMU will assist the Marshallese health ministry to strengthen medical infrastructure with inpatient and outpatient information systems. Each year, about 10 TMU-Shuang Ho physicians plus a long-term nurse are stationed there, and the TMU staff are deeply trusted for their outstanding health care training and skills.

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