Ministry honors TMU’s Marshall Islands medical mission

After receiving an award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in June 2015 to affirm its efforts, the Shuang Ho Hospital medical team was once again honored at a Friends of the Foreign Service ceremony for promoting international medical assistance.

TMU President Chien-Huang Lin speaks upon receiving the award and appears with Foreign Minister Jau-Shieh Joseph Wu (at right) and Shuang Ho Hospital Superintendent Mai-Szu Wu.

Taiwan’s technological and medical progress has enabled the country to lead and help other nations. Shuang Ho Hospital’s management of the Taiwan Health Center has built a good collaborative relationship with the Marshall Islands Department of Health and Public Services as well as with Majuro Hospital. These institutions work together to improve public health and achieve sustainable development goals.

 Did you know?

The Taiwan Health Center has served the Marshall Islands for 10 years, and since 2013 the Ministry of Health and Welfare has been run by Shuang Ho Hospital. The mission’s areas of action include health worker training and provision of health services for youths and others, medical management, public health and medical
services, upgrading health information systems, and exchange and collaboration. In 2014, the Marshall Islands’ largest hospital in Majuro became Shuang Ho Hospital’s partner. A memorandum of cooperation with the Department of Health allows Marshall Islanders to use Taiwan medical services. Enhanced academic and practical exchanges also bolster Taiwan’s ties with the island nation.

Consultation and surgical services are offered by Shuang Ho Hospital through Taiwan’s Marshall Islands medical mission.

To improve the health of Marshall Islanders, Shuang Ho Hospital stations resident physicians as well as public health experts at the mission. These professionals carry out youth nutrition and health education plans, community screening activities and diabetes prevention plans. A referral system in cooperation with the Department of Health allows chronic patients to be referred for treatment in Taiwan.

The Shuang Ho team also helped to improve medical information systems. Through community health education, resident physicians help train local professionals to improve medical care standards. In 2017, an internship program was implemented to establish a local medical education system.

Shuang Ho Hospital’s Marshall Islands medical mission is acclaimed by the local government and the public, and continues to contribute to Taiwan’s role and visibility in international medical collaboration. The Friends of the Foreign Service Award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognizes the hospital’s role in providing resources for health education and supporting Taiwan’s global role as well as world health.

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