Ahead of the Game: Taipei Medical University Launches Online Classes and Epidemic Prevention Journal App

Source: Office of Global Engagement

Published on 2020-06-01

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Taipei Medical University has launched various measures, including the implementation of distance education programs and the installation of mobile device applications, to combat the outbreak.

An epidemic prevention journal has been added to the “Taipei Medical University App”

Considering that the majority of the teachers in the university are from the medical clinical system, the distance education program has been carried out in several implementation stages under the principles of prioritizing epidemic prevention, reducing cluster and cross infection risks, and preparing for potential class suspension due to the epidemic situation. All lecture courses were moved online; teachers of laboratory, practical, and independent study courses were also encouraged to use distance teaching methods or record teaching videos and upload them onto the school teacher-student interactive platform, aka. “my2TMU.”

Unless necessary, face-to-face classes were avoided. As for off-campus internship, physical education, and service-learning courses, flexible learning methods were adopted; the learning content was adjusted accordingly and alternative approaches were provided for students to maintain the health of teachers and students.

The implementation of distance education is an important part of safe schooling measures. However, the teaching quality of Taipei Medical University has never been sacrificed under the thorough execution of the epidemic prevention measures. When carrying out distance teaching, in order to ensure learning effectiveness of students, it is necessary for teachers to be aware and in control of the online attendance rates of the students, the lesson viewing and discussion situations of students, assessment methods, and the situations of other aspects; associated records should be preserved for future inspections.

In TMU, teachers were encouraged to use distance teaching methods for laboratory, practical, and independent study courses

In addition, an epidemic prevention journal has been added to the “Taipei Medical University App”, and  all the faculty and students have access to it. Information concerning their conditions, such as their temperature, traveling history, and participation in gatherings (of 5 people or more), can be reported and thoroughly tracked through the app without being limited by the time and geographical location, enabling immediate responses to the occurrence of unusual conditions, thereby reinforcing epidemic prevention measures.