This Passport to Global Learning is your first step toward
the world of international education!

Globalization isn’t just a slogan at TMU – university leaders have carefully planned and
implemented internationalization as a vital part of each student’s experience

  • Five core international abilities encourage student mobility and enhance multicultural contacts:
  • 1. Understanding and appreciating cultural differences between different nations
  • 2. Being intellectually empowered to analyze international affairs
  • 3. Enhancing use of foreign language skills
  • 4. Building mobility capacities and openness to foreign career paths
  • 5. Understanding the obligations of international citizenship
  • Five categories of global learning activities:
  • 1. Language learning: foreign language courses (for credit) or language examination workshops, etc.
  • 2. Cultural experiences such as the International Food Festival or International Culture Night
  • 3. Academic training: international symposiums or workshops
  • 4. Student volunteering: receptions for foreign guests
  • 5. Course participation: for-credit globalization or multicultural courses

Any student enrolled in TMU can get a Passport to Global Learning. And by showing student ID after participating in Passport-related activities, students can “PGL points” to get Apple TV, Audio-Technica headphones, Polaroid SNAP TOUCH or other prizes.


  • Contact your college representative to get your Passport to Global Learning

  • Check the calendar for international activities and sign up

  • During the activities, check-in with your student ID card and get your Passport sticker + stamp

  • Collect as many PGL points as you can

  • Redeem your points for prizes before 2019.07.31 at the Office of Academic Affairs

Information on the Passport to Global Learning

A. The deadline for collecting and redeeming PGL points is 2019.7.31

B. Each enrolled student can get only one Passport; if lost, you may get a reissue copy at the Office of Academic Affairs (from 1st Jan 2019), but the PGL points on the lost Passport are void.

C. If you forget to bring your Passport to activities, you can get a Passport sticker + stamp within 5 working days at the Office of Academic Affairs (from 1st Jan 2019) if you have a check-in record of your student ID card at the event. Without this record of checking in with your student ID, there will be no credit for that event.

D. Check-in/out (tap your student ID card at the ID card reader) and get your Passport sticker + stamp within designated time during the event.

Calendar for international activities

✻ Check the calendar for international activities

✻ Not all the activities conducted in English

✻ Some activities with no English title

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