Professor Thierry Burnouf of Taipei Medical University obtained Taiwan Identity Card

Source: Office of Global Engagement

Published on 2021-04-12

Professor Thierry Burnouf, Vice Dean of TMU College of Biomedical Engineering, has been contributing to TMU’s education and research portfolio for more than a decade.

In April 2020, he officially obtained a Taiwanese identity card (while also keeping French citizenship thanks to a special regulation in Taiwan). In addition to affirming Taiwan as an excellent place to live, Professor Burnouf is also optimistic about Taiwan’s future development in biomedicine and the biomedicine industry.

Professor Burnouf is an international authority on plasma fractionation, blood safety, and translational applications of blood products (血漿分離術) . In his capacity as an advisor to the World Health Organization, Professor Burnouf drafted numerous guidelines on human blood products, GMP in blood establishments, and access to safe blood products in low- and middle-income countries. He has also developed pragmatic methods for preparing immunoglobulin for use in treatment of immunodeficiency and against emerging infections .

Starting his academic career at TMU in 2008, Professor Burnouf became the first foreign graduate institute director in 2013. Having published 250 professional papers and obtained more than 20 international patents, he also has a long-standing commitment to cultivating outstanding talents by encouraging and supervising many students to complete the dual degree programs of TMU and the University of Lille in France. Professor Burnouf has achieved brilliant performance in both teaching and research into biomedical engineering sciences, and has contributed greatly to improving Taiwan’s academic ground in this field.

Professor Burnouf believes that Taiwan’s strengths in information technology, microelectronics, semiconductors and precision technology will facilitate the development and marketing of new biomedical vehicles, precision instruments and medical equipment, and subsequently benefits the stable progress of medicine. He is also optimistic about the country’s potential in the field of biomedicine. Having lived in Taiwan for many years, he has found that the Taiwanese people are very hardworking, diligent and hospitable. He also considered Taiwan a very convenient and safe place which is definitely an excellent feature for foreigners living in Taiwan.

Prof. Burnouf (middle) and his doctoral students. From left: Liling from Indonesia, Lassina and Ouada from Burkina Faso, and Anji from Mongolia.

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