How to protect your nails: A TMU dermatologist’s advice

 Source from Public Relation & Publishing Section

Patients with ingrown toenails suffer from paronychia, making walking painful, so they often take anti-inflammatory medications and undergo surgery. Doctors can remove the nail, treat the swollen flesh and chemo-cauterize the toenail’s growth point. But a year or so after surgery, these toenails again grow into the flesh, and patients dig at the stuck nail out of habit, causing the matter to become worse and possibly leading to recurring paronychia.
Correct nail care is critical, as is trimming nails correctly, Trim your nails flat, and do not cut or trim the edges of the nails at the sides. Choose shoes that offer good support and keep your feet in place, so avoid overly loose, tight or pointed shoes. Minimize repeated bumping and scraping or other pressure. If problems arise, dermatologists can determine the best treatment.

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