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USA-Postdoctoral position

University of Texas Medical School at Houston, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dr. Kuang-Lei Tsai Laboratory (CPRIT scholar)

[Position] Postdoctoral Researcher

[Location] 6431 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas 77030, US

[Job Description] To study gene regulation and chromatin architecture using cryo-EM

[Posting Date] September 2017

[Requirements] Qualified candidates should have a Ph.D. in biology, biomedical, or other related fields, and demonstrate experience in biochemistry and cancer research. Expertise in protein purification, x-ray crystallography, and/or experience in using electron microscope or Linux system preferred.

[Annual Salary] USD$47,476

[To apply] We are interested in using cryo-EM to study the structure of macromolecular machines that are involved in the regulation of gene expression and chromatin architecture. Our lab is located at the medical center of Houston. The postdoctoral fellow will also collaborate closely with laboratories from other research institutions, including MD Anderson Cancer Center, Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine. If you are interested in cryo-EM and our research topics and would like to join our team, please send CV, a brief description of research interests, and a list of three references to
Dr. Kuang-Lei Tsai at

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Partnership with Armenian universities-Bioinformatics

For more information, please contact

Dr. Gayane Ghukasyan

Yerevan State University

Biology Faculty

E-mail : secnd

Phone: + 374 91 20 62 41



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