Shuang Ho Hospital Plastic Surgery wins the SNQ National Quality Mark

Source: Shuang Ho Hospital

Published on 2021-06-28

By improving the medical treatment for diabetic patients, the podiatric medical team of Shuang Ho Hospital Plastic Surgery was awarded the 2020 SNQ National Quality Standard by the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry.

According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF) statistics, in 2017, there were 425 million people worldwide with diabetes, and the number will reach 629 million in 2045. Among them, about 12%-15% of diabetics will have foot wounds and ulcers, and those with serious condition will be faced with forced amputation of their limbs. The 5-year survival rate of amputated patients is 50%, and to date, it remains an unmet medical need.

Shuang Ho Hospital has established a standard treatment process. Based on an integrated one-stop care, it opens up an innovative wound care model that includes the construction of a wound database (including foot and non-foot wounds), tracking and analysis, artificial intelligence, basic biochemical research, clinical experiments and new drug development.

Superintendent Mai-szu Wu (吳麥斯) said that the podiatric medical team of Shuang Ho Hospital Plastic Surgery comprises the departments of Vascular Medicine, Endocrinology & Metabolism, Plastic Surgery Medical Team, Nutrition, Infectious Disease and Rehabilitation Medicine. It is a smart, integrated medical care team specialized in treating difficult diabetic wounds, and the podiatric medical team hopes to help more people with diabetes and benefit people in the greater Taipei area. 【Photo: The Shuang Ho Hospital Plastic Surgery win the SNQ National Quality Mark award. Superintendent Mai-szu Wu (3rd from the right) presents this honor to New Taipei City Mayor Yu-ih Hou (侯友宜) (middle).

Photo provided by the Department of Health, New Taipei City Government)