Taipei Medical University Feng-Hsing Sociomedical and Medical Knowledge Promotion Service Group’s decade of service in Penghu, an island in Taiwan

Source: Office of Student Affairs

Published on 2021-2-22

The year 2020 will mark TMU Feng-Hsing Sociomedical and Medical Knowledge Promotion Service Group’s (臺北醫學大楓杏醫療志工學生服務隊) (abbrev. TMU Feng-Hsing) 10th year of volunteer clinic service in Penghu.

County Mayor Feng-Wei Lai (賴峰偉) met with the TMU President Chien-Huang Lin (林建煌) in July 2020 to exchange views on rural medical care. Mayor Lai also presented a certificate of appreciation to thank TMU for its service to the outlying island of Penghu for 10 consecutive years.

A brief introduction of TMU Feng-Hsing Sociomedical and Medical Knowledge Promotion Service Group

In order to bring medical resources and knowledge to every corner of Taiwan, TMU Feng-Hsing, formed by students, has long devoted oneself to the society and helps improve the local living environment and hygiene with students’ professional knowledge and skills.

Established as a student club, TMU Feng-Hsing embeds application of knowledge and social engagement in its various team activities, which in return helps students find their sense of purpose and personal realization.

Penghu County Mayor Feng-Wei Lai (left) presents a souvenir to TMU President Chien-Huang Lin(right).

President Chien-Huang Lin pointed out that this year, TMU Feng-Hsing has introduced a new electronic medical record system to integrate the results of the free clinic services over the last 9 years and established statistical data as reference for Penghu medical institutions or researchers. From the perspective of preventive medicine, the team re-evaluated the real needs and departments of the free clinics as well as took advantage of technology to better protect the health of the residents.

An ophthalmologist accompanies the TMU Feng-Hsing to provide eye exams for Penghu residents.

The Penghu free clinic first performed a series of physical tests for residents, such as blood sugar, blood pressure, uric acid, ultrasound and bone density. Doctors and dentists then provide professional consultation and evaluation, followed by medication and nutritional education conducted by pharmacists and nutritionists, respectively. In 2020, the TMU Feng-Hsing has 98 students and 113 medical staff to provide free clinic in Penghu.

County Mayor Feng-Wei Lai also presented a Certificate of Appreciation to TMU for the services of the TMU Feng-Hsing Sociomedical Team. In the back row starting with the 3rd person on the left are County Mayor Lai, President Chien-Huang Lin, Dean of Student Affairs Chiou-Fen Lin, and Dean of Continuing and Extension Education Bor-Cheng Han. In the front row are representatives of the TMU Feng-Hsing.

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