Taipei Medical University Healthcare System Exhibition

Source: Taipei Medical University

Published on 2019-12-04

Since its founding in 1960, Taipei Medical University has grown from humble beginnings into a university finishing its sixth decade of promoting and refining health professions and research excellence.

The first edition of the TMU hospital newsletter and a patient medical history

The first edition of the TMU hospital newsletter and a patient medical history

A new exhibition highlights the difficulties and entrepreneurship that shaped TMU’s growth. At its founding, the University did not have its own affiliated hospital, and for years TMU had to rely on assistance provided by major public and private hospitals. The University planned to establish its own affiliated hospital and founded the Taipei Medical University Hospital on campus in 1976 to provide the best internship environment for students.

Five JCI evaluation certificates received by Wanfang Hospital

The second TMU hospital, Wanfang Medical Center, was a commission from the Taipei City Government under the privately run public service model proposed in 1996. To obtain the management contract for Wanfang Hospital was significant in the university’s development, and allowed the TMU system to show its capability in hospital management.

The first Shuang Ho Hospital newsletter and a time capsule from the opening of the hospital

The first Shuang Ho Hospital newsletter and a time capsule from the opening of the hospital

TMU Shuang Ho Hospital was the first Build-Operate-Transfer project hospital in Taiwan that was commissioned by the Executive Yuan’s Ministry of Health to be privately built and managed. The university won the project based on its two affiliated hospitals’ solid track records, and signed a 50-year management contract in 2004. Shuang Ho Hospital officially opened in 2008.

The three affiliated hospitals provide students with internship opportunities and alumni with jobs, creating further cohesion. The university has set further specialization goals for specific services and for optimal clinical services and research.

The TMU Taipei Cancer Center is being constructed

TMU integrated the cancer resources in the three hospitals to establish the TMU Taipei Cancer Center in 2013. This center manages early clinical experiments, develops translational medicines and cultivates physician-scientists. In 2015, the university also accepted a commission from Ningbo, China, to run and manage the TMU Ningbo Medical Center, which used Taiwan hospital management norms and promoted multi-hospital treatment collaboration. In 2018, neurologists in the three hospitals plus other neuroscience professionals joined in launching the TMU Taipei Neuroscience Institute. This strengthened clinical integration and led to collaborations and discussion of treatment policies to provide neurology patients with comprehensive services.

Taipei Medical University’s health services system in northern Taiwan features hospitals with different strengths and shared resources. The TMU medical system map exhibition in the university history museum and medical education museum shares important objects from each hospital and also discusses their development in terms of challenges and ideals.

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