Taipei Medical University spin-out company launches ASKiN, providing an online dermatologist consultation platform accessible through the LINE App

Source: College of Medical Science and Technology

Published on 2020-09-21

DermAI Co., Ltd., a Taipei Medical University spin-out, has launched the online dermatologist consultation platform “ASKiN.”

By linking the official account through the communication software LINE, users can choose convenient time slots to make appointments with physicians to consult about skin conditions, such as acne and moles, online. Physicians can proceed to provide advice on home care and medication and the users will be able to purchase non-prescription drugs directly from neighboring pharmacies, which is simple and convenient.

Dr. Yu-Chuan Jack Li, professor of the College of Medical Science and Technology and founder of DermAI, advised that due to the aggravating situations of the COVID-19 epidemic, people should avoid visiting medical facilities unless necessary to reduce infection risks. On this online consultation platform, users are able to receive convenient and personalized medical consultation services without being limited by the locations of the medical facilities.

Prof. Yu-Chuan Jack Li (middle) holding an online press conference with colleagues Dr. Yu-Ting Lin (left) and Dr. Hsiao-Han, Wang

LINE official account QR code of ASKiN

DermAI is a professional team with several dermatologists that provides convenient online consultation services. We also strongly stress that if pain, itching, bleeding, blistering all over the body, fever, and other severe symptoms of the skin occur, medical attention should be sought for as soon as possible.

DermAI is the first service platform in Taiwan to provide dermatologist consultation services through online video calls; we look forward to helping more people with needs, both within the country and overseas, in the future.