TMU African Cultural Festival 2023

Event Recap

Source: Office of Global Engagement

Published on 2023-05-19

Organized by TMU Office of Global Engagement, the “African Cultural Festival 2023” took place from May 1 to May 12. The festival aims to promote African culture and enhance the Taiwan-Africa friendship. The festival organizers had put together a program of activities, including forums, a fair, and performances, offering participants opportunities to improve their understanding of African culture and appreciate the cultural diversity on the TMU campus.

  • 1200-1300 May1

    Forum: Africa, the world’s future innovation laboratory, does not lag behind.

    Speaker: Mr. Wei-chen Lu, co-founder of wowAfrica

    Venue: i-College

    Language: Mandarin


    In Mr. Lu’s talk, he highlighted cases of innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa, examine future trends and challenges of innovation and development, and provide valuable insights into the African market.

    Through this forum, participants not only gained a fresh understanding of Africa but also developed an interest in exploring it further, seeking to learn more about the continent.

  • 1200-1300 May8

    Forum: From job searching to starting a business, I established my own career in Africa.

    Speaker: Ms. Shin Chen, Co-founder of SHED management services

    Venue: i-College

    Language: Mandarin


    Ms. Shin Chen is the co-founder of SHED management services, and after completing her university studies, she moved to Ghana to work. This decision proved to be instrumental in her professional development, as she was able to quickly advance up her career ladder and achieve financial success in a shorter period than her peers.

  • 1200-1300 May10

    African Cultural Festival- Opening Ceremony

    Venue: TMU Square

    Language: English

    We are delighted to invite a professional African drum and dance group, “Senbe Vocal Percussion Band,” founded by Amiu, the most experienced African dancer in Taiwan. Senbe, meaning “power” in the local dialect, performs traditional music from Guinea in West Africa. They are skilled at combining traditional drumming with African dance, as well as incorporating traditional and indigenous songs, to present the beauty of African drumming and dance culture.

  • 1100-1400 May10- May12

    African Cultural Festival- Fair

    Venue: TMU Square

    The booths on-site are diverse, ranging from food feasts and cultural artifacts to unique hair braiding experiences, allowing participants to fully experience the diverse aspects of African cultural life.