TMU co-hosts long-term care strategic development seminar

Source: Taipei Medical University

Published on 2019-01-18

The 2018 Asia-Pacific long-term care strategic development seminar[1] was held at Taipei Medical University with new consciousness as its theme.

[1] Initiated by the Taiwan Home Service Strategic Alliance and co-hosted by Taipei Medical University and the Society for Development of Long-term Care and Senior Health Management

Dedication by Minister Shih-Chung Chen

Dedication by Prof. Hung-Yi Chiou, Chairman of the Taiwan Society for Development of Long-term Care and Senior Health Management

Minister of Health and Welfare Shih-Chung Chen and Taipei City Social Welfare Department chief Dr. Li-Min Shiu addressed the gathering. Long-term care experts from Japan joined other attendees discussing Taiwan’s aging population and ever- increasing demands for long-term care and trained human resources. Speakers addressed topics ranging from policies to service providers’ stories about new values and service models.

Invited guests and keynote speaker

Highlights of the seminar included:

  • Run Tomo founder and chair Satoshi Ide’s speech about developing his Japanese organization offering companionship to Alzheimer’s patients. He spoke of a new wave of consciousness changing long-term care that came from Hokkaido with his group and made an international impact.

Satoshi Ide, Run Tomo founder and chair

  • Fujitsu Ltd. creative chief Mr. Itagaki spoke on how information systems can drive a new service and management environment.
  • Aoi Care founder Mr. Yoshiaki Kato spoke on creating a service model in constant conversation with the community that transformed the community care
    concept in Japan. Mr. Kato’s organization also received an award from the Kanagawa prefectural social welfare service conference. Aoi Care integrates small-scale multi-functionality and support for independence, creating a reliable caregiving model that helps older dementia patients regain their confidence. Mr. Kato noted that elders are is an intellectual resource of the community, so they shouldn’t be seen as old people needing to be shut away in institutions.

Aoi Care founder Yoshiaki Kato

Group photo

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