TMU conferred honorary doctorate degree to Chairman Barry Lam (林百里) of Quanta Computer

Source: Office of Global Engagement

Published on 2019-02-23

On September 17, 2020, TMU conferred an honorary doctorate degree to Barry Lam (林百里), Chairman of Quanta Computer, in recognition of his achievements in the development of cutting-edge technologies, as well as his instrumental role in Taiwan’s IT industry and smart living.

Chairman Lam can create synergy with TMU with his expertise in the communications industry and the University’s strengths in biomedical technology and medicine.

Chairman Barry Lam is an internationally renowned leader in the science and technology industry. Quanta Computer is ranked 377th by Fortune in the 2020 world’s top 500 companies.

Chair of Board Wen-Chang Chang (張文昌) (left) and TMU President Chien-Huang Lin (林建煌) (right) conferred an honorary doctorate degree on Chairman Barry Lam (林百里) (center).

Honorary doctorate Chairman Barry Lam (林百里)

Delivering a speech on “Computer, Medicine and I”

In his speech, Chairman Barry Lam noted that medicine could be an alien field to engineers. His encounter with the medical field made him realize that it is a whole new world. Having received the TMU honorary degree, he feels a great sense of responsibility and is determined to continue his devotion to advancement of medicine.

In recent years, Chairman Lam has introduced AI into healthcare systems with an interdisciplinary approach. Through the partnership with TMU to accelerate intelligence development in medical care, Quanta Computer will work with TMU to establish a smart hospital simulation laboratory. In the past, the medical industry has relied on healthcare professionals, but from now on it will include artificial intelligence to improve the speed of diagnosis and treatment, the accuracy of diagnosis and the quality of medical treatment.


Taipei Medical University, in 2019, carried out cross-discipline collaborations with Quanta Computer, combining the expertise and talents of both parties in the fields of medicine and artificial intelligence to develop localized or globalized AI medical technology and smart hospitals, as well as the development of diverse AI application in the medical field. It was hoped that this collaboration would stimulate innovations and breakthroughs in the medical field, showcasing Taiwan’s medical prowess and influence on the international stage.
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