TMU events launch Global Biomedical Research and Industry Alliance

Source: Taipei Medical University

Published on 2018-05-07

Our school has received support from the International Industry-Academic Alliance of the Ministry of Science and Technology to sponsor the Global Biomedical Research and Industry Alliance Launch Conference and AI Artificial Intelligence Medical Symposium.

These projects will develop translational research, precision medicine and smart medical care to develop multidisciplinary, multinational and multisector international medical-industry partnerships. The alliance links the needs of schools and industry, creates industrial value for R&D results, and promotes cooperation to lead biomedical technologies’ integration with the international community.

Integrating production, education, intellectual property, technology transfer, bidding, derivative innovation and talent cultivation allows one-stop services for business management, intellectual property applications, industrial liaison and special project planning services. The alliance assists members with research cooperation and market expansion for new drug development and medical materials research.

The AI Artificial Intelligence Medical Symposium deals with how artificial intelligence can help or even replace health services and medical staff. While human talent is the deciding factor for at least the coming decade, experts say using AI can speed up R&D processes and have a multiplier effect on clinical medical work.