Wanfang, TMU and Shuang Ho hospitals joined TMU Taipei Cancer Center to participate in the first Taiwan Healthcare Expo. This display demonstrated TMU Healthcare System’s use of smart technologies and precision medicine.

TMU Hospital: The medical technology zone of TMU Hospital represents the evolution of its medical care and promotes the development of precision medical services. The hospital’s Smart Intensive Care System was featured in the exhibition area. Patient physiological readings are automatically uploaded, forwarded, integrated, calculated and added to medical records, with information was displayed on a “dashboard” that saves nearly 800 hours of transcription time monthly and improves responsiveness to patient needs.

TMU Healthcare System displays at exhibition site

Wanfang Hospital: In synergy with long-term government development strategies for the medical sector, the hospital promotes integrated community medical and health care. The hospital displayed software and hardware to train hand-eye coordination, and offered interactive cognitive training for the public to experience how the limbs operate after middle age. The training combines with games to improve coordination between the limbs and the brain while allowing stimulating core fitness.

ROSA robot arm display

Shuang Ho Hospital: Based on the university’s development of specialized neurological care services, the hospital exhibited ROSA, the first robotic arm designed for spinal and brain surgery in Taiwan. The device is equipped with positioning navigation and 3D image planning to assist surgeons in responding to patient needs more flexibly, safely and accurately. The exhibit also increased public awareness of surgical techniques.

ROSA robot arm display

Taipei Cancer Center: Focusing on “precision medicine in cancer treatment,” doctors were among the staff who demonstrated the IBM Watson for Oncology system that computes the most promising cancer treatment strategies. Using precise genetic testing methods to scrutinize vast personal data, the Watson system proposes personalized ways for individuals to enhance treatment effectiveness. By adding new technologies for heat treatment and the new proton treatment center, TMU can offer optimal cancer treatment options.