TMU Hospital’s ‘smart intensive care system’ allows real-time monitoring

Source: Taipei Medical University Hospital

Published on 2018-02-16

TMU Hospital has developed a “smart intensive care system” called Ted ICU that automatically monitors patient physiological data and raises the overall quality of care.

Ted ICU automatically transfers information to the database and integrates it for display on the monitor.

Ted ICU transfers data from physiological monitors, respirators and blood sugar testers to a database that integrates and displays it using colors to signify degrees of urgency. Compared to the past, medical staff do not need to write laborious patient histories, and when changing shifts the incoming medical teams can get up to date quicker, with no time lapse in monitoring critical conditions. The time lag from managing a change in patient condition to the time when physicians order treatment has decreased from 8.6 minutes to 5.9 minutes.

In addition to data integration, Ted ICU can also instantaneously calculate the related indicator data for critical care patients, such as acute physiology and chronic health score (APACH), sequential organ failure assessment (SOFA) and early warning score, saving physicians’ time formerly spent checking on patient indicator data and maintaining accurate calculations. The automatic import/export functions save documentation time enabling more efficient care.