TMU hosts REACTA 2018 Asian clinical trials forum

Source: Taipei Medical University

Published on 2019-04-15

TMU hosted the Regional Asian Clinical Trial Association’s annual forum (REACTA
2018) in November.

More than 30 speakers from industry and government discussed new clinical trial issues, including guests from the U.S., Germany, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and China. Top Taiwanese academics in attendance also initiated several clinical trial collaborations.

Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare Syue Ruei-yuan and Taiwan Food and Drug Administration Director Shou-Mei Wu were among REACTA 2018’sspeakers

TMU showcased Taiwan’s clinical trial capabilities and discussed the university’s competitive advantages in this area. As clinical trial development is accelerating globally, university leaders emphasized the advantages of pursuing trials at TMU and its hospitals, particularly its programs to cultivate leaders of internationally initiated trials. The meeting organizers invited principal investigators at TMU to discuss their experiences with such trials. The event resulted in collaborations with Southeast Asian countries also interested in hosting joint trials.

 Did you know?

TMU founded the Regional Asian Clinical Trial Association (REACTA) in 2013 with Korea’s Dong-A University, Japan’s Chiba University and Malaysia’s Ministry of Health. The association seeks to develop Asian clinical trials, to support members and exchange information on potential trials, and to encourage regional physicians to initiate clinical trials.

REACTA 2018 speakers and guests enjoyed a gala dinner

Participants of the REACTA forum at TMU

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