TMU initiated road improvement project to enhance safety around campus

Source: Office of Student Affairs

Published on 2022-04-07

To build a safe environment for students and staff members of TMU, the University proposed to Taipei City Government to undertake a road improvement project around TMU campus.

The proposal included the connection of pedestrian crossings by the university, the installment of traffic warning signs and demarcation of zebra crossings, as the absence of which used to result in dangerous competition for road use between pedestrians and vehicles. TMU students involved in the project were engaged to communicate and negotiate with authorities through the deliberative democracy model, allowing the students to take part in a decision-making process that contribute to the effective and reasonable allocation of public resources.

The proposed improvement project was approved with high level of civil support and the construction was completed at the end of September 2021. Through the collaboration involving three parties – the University, the students, and the city government – the infrastructure and road safety around the campus was significantly improved for the community.