On December 1, the TMU Muslim Student Association sponsored a gathering to celebrate a major holiday in their faith with a “Learning Seerah of Prophet Muhammad.”

This event featured prayer, education (a bilingual Arabic-English PowerPoint presentation on holy texts), contemporary religious music by artists including Maher Zain, and refreshments. The 51 members of the TMU association include students from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and other nations in the Mideast and Asia.

Office of Global Engagement International Student Section Chief Shu-Wei Chen attended and addressed the group on behalf of the TMU administration. TMU provides facilities for a variety of student gatherings, and will host the annual “TMU’s Got Talent” international performance competition later this month.

These photos were provided to the Office of Global Engagement by Dr. Jakir Masud, who is studying in the Biomedical Informatics Ph.D. program and who was one of two featured speakers at the Friday night event.

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Taipei Medical University COVID-19 Special Report: 2020 Wrap-Up

Taipei Medical University (TMU) are blessed to be able to carry on with our core activities in learning and research. And, besides being one of Taiwan’s best medical education providers, TMU is interwoven with the country’s many successes in fighting the pandemic.

Taipei Medical University Feng-Hsing Sociomedical and Medical Knowledge Promotion Service Group’s decade of service in Penghu, an island in Taiwan

The year 2020 will mark TMU Feng-Hsing Sociomedical and Medical Knowledge Promotion Service Group's (臺北醫學大楓杏醫療志工學生服務隊) (abbrev. TMU Feng-Hsing) 10th year of volunteer clinic service in Penghu.

Taipei Medical University students engaging in service learning in a mountain indigenous township despite epidemic and storm

The College of Nutrition, the Graduate Institute of Humanities in Medicine and the School of Pharmacy work together to lead students in service learning in Jianshi Township (尖石鄉), a mountain indigenous township in Hsinchu County in northern Taiwan, despite epidemic and storm.

Taipei Medical University establishing “OHDSI Taiwan Chapter,” joining global transnational research published in JAMIA

In collaboration with the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI), Taipei Medical University (TMU) established “OHDSI Taiwan Chapter” and participated in the "Uncovering exposures responsible for birth season– disease effects," a global research conducted by experts and scholars from Taiwan, the US, South Korea and other countries.

Taipei Medical University Celebrates 60 Years of Excellence

Taipei Medical University (TMU) celebrated the 60th anniversary of founding on October 30, 2020, with more than 450 dignitaries, professors, students and alumni joining the diamond jubilee.

2020 Taipei Medical University Oral Medical Service Teams Visited Rural Areas

In 2020, TMU College of Oral Medicine sent three medical service teams, comprised of faculty members and students, to visit remote areas in Taiwan.