TMU public health expert joins Brookings Institution to examine Asian pandemic response

Source: Office of Global Engagement

Published on 2022-05-19

TMU Assoc. Prof. Jean Tsai in Department of Global Health and Development was recently invited to join Brookings Institution’s Democracy in Asia project, channeling her research expertise on epidemic prevention and democracy policy model from Asian countries to improve practices elsewhere.

Brookings Institution initiated Democracy in Asia project to explore the health of democratic governance in Asia. The project completed its first phase in 2020 and will continue to focus on issues including disinformation, inequality, public health, and corruption in the next stage. “In this initiative, Brookings experts examine the struggle over the role and influence of democracy in the Asian context. Scholars look at factors that could strengthen democratic institutions across the region as well as those that could lead to a democratic recession. As part of this research, experts also will explore the potential implications of democratic backsliding in Asia on America’s regional and global standing” said Lindsey W. Ford, former Brookings expert, and Ryan Hass. Ryan Hass, senior fellow at Brookings and co-leader of the project.