TMU Shuang Ho Hospital estimates one in ten need sleep evaluation

Source: TMU Shuang Ho Hospital

Published on 2018-03-15

Sleeping disorders are not limited to insomnia; they can include not sleeping well at night, dreamful sleep, snoring, teeth grinding, leg movements, sleepwalking and other symptoms.

Experts at the sleep center attach monitor to check sleep condition

Snoring, poor sleep quality and other problems should not be ignored. Research has shown that close to half of snorers have sleep apnea. If they receive the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment early on, this can lower their risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

TMU Shuang Ho Hospital’s professional team dealing with sleep issues includes physicians, psychologists, case managers, sleep technicians and other experts to monitor and diagnose sleep problems and provide comprehensive medical treatment for optimal quality of life.

A sleep monitor that can be used in patients’ homes