TMU Wanfang Hospital offers less-invasive transoral thyroidectomy

Source: TMU Wanfang Hospital

Published on 2020-01-16

Apatient at Wanfang Hospital experienced swelling on the right side of the throat nine years ago, and after examination was determined to have chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis.

A follow-up 2 years ago showed the right thyroid enlarged slightly to 1.6 cm. The likelihood of general chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis deteriorating to a cancer is approximately 17%, but the results of cellular aspiration for the patient showed the likelihood of cell lesion transforming to thyroid follicular cell cancer was over 20%. Under the recommendations of Dr. Ping-Kun Hsiao of TMU Wanfang Hospital, the patient underwent transoral thyroidectomy at the beginning of 2019, and has recovered well since the surgery.

Dr. Hsiao said traditional thyroidectomies directly operated on the neck, and the surgical scars left behind very much resemble those from a cut throat, severely affecting the patient’s appearance. The new transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy makes three incisions between the lower lip and gum, and uses endoscopes and ultrasound harmonic scalpels to remove the thyroid. Post-surgical pain is minimized and there are no external wounds. Patients are well enough to leave the hospital two days after the surgery.

Dr. Ping-Kun Hsiao, General Surgery Department, TMU Wanfang Hospital

 Did you know?

Thyroid cancer is caused by lumps within the thyroid gland, and is mostly seen in young females

Most thyroid nodules are benign, and a nodule does not necessarily lead to cancer, so do not worry too much. But if the nodule grows, your voice becomes hoarse, or you feel pressure on the bronchus or oesophagus causing difficulty in swallowing or breathing, you should seek medical attention. Thyroid cancer takes the form of a lump in the thyroid gland, and is three times as likely to occur in women than in men. Causes include genetic factors, iodine deficiency and exposure to radiation. There are no other known symptoms currently, so early thyroid cancers are often found by ultrasound examinations during health check-ups. Regular check-ups are recommended to take care of one’s health in this regard.

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