Clinical venture and innovators assess new biomed accelerator projects in TMUxBE Accelerator’s Demo Day 2021

Source: Office of Business Development

Published on 2021-10-04

The TMUxBE Accelerator’s Demo Day is the first Hospital Joint Venture in Taiwan that focuses on innovative counseling projects for smart healthcare. The exhibition of projects passing the first-phase selection was held in July 2021.

Nine biomedical start-up companies shared their experience in product development and how they accelerated business growth. These nine groups’ products span fields from AI disease prediction, AI smart co-employment, and smart wearable devices, to big data analysis platforms, peritoneal dialysis platforms, lung disease care, and biotechnology analysis reagents.

In addition to showcasing actual results, this event also promoted the upcoming Market Expansion Pilot Trial. US Partner Christine Winoto, Executive Director of UCSF Rosenman Institute in the United States; and Japan Partner Yujiro Maeda, Co-director of Japan Biodesign & Co-founder of Premo Partner, were invited to participate and facilitate overseas expansion of Taiwan’s medical startup teams.

US partner Christine Winoto (left), and Japanese partner, Yujiro Maeda from BioDesign (right).

The TMU Biomed Accelerator is the first international-level innovative medical university accelerator in Taiwan, targeting three major themes including digital medicine, artificial intelligence and medical equipment. Taking advantage of TMU healthcare system’s resources and exoertise, the Biomed Accelerator guides start-up teams in developing strategies for product clinical trials to accelerate commercialization of their research outcomes and linkage with the international ecosystem.

Jowy Tani, CEO of TMU Biomed Accelerator

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