Ultrasound guided injections offer new back pain treatment strategy

Source: Shuang Ho Hospital

Published on 2018-08-20

Patients suffering from lower back pain can benefit from ultrasound guided caudal injection of glucose water, as many patients find that after several injections tightness and soreness in the lower back and legs significantly decreases.

Ultrasound guided injections offer new back pain treatment strategy

Caudal injections can treat lower back pain due to lumbar disc herniation or spinal stenosis irritating the dural membrane. The doctor places a long needle in the sacral hiatus (to reach the space above the dural membrane in the caudal spinal cavity), and 10-30ml is injected to fill the affected area. Glucose water is a newer option that can be injected with no obvious side effects; while it does not numb the nerves, it can relieve neuropathic pain.

Dr. Lin-Chuan Chou of Rehabilitation Dept.

 Did you know?

Using ultrasound guidance, long needles can be accurately inserted into a correct position while avoiding obvious blood vessels. This reduces bleeding, causes no radiation damage, and is convenient. However, this method of treatment is not advised after spinal fractures, spinal surgeries or spinal deformation, or for patients with abnormal spinal development, tumors or a tendency to bleed. In addition, the injected area may feel sore or swollen after the injection, but this disappears after 1 or 2 days.