Taipei Medical University and the Ministry of Health and Welfare co-hosted the first Workshop on Universal Health Coverage: National Health Insurance System, Smart Hospital and Taiwan Experience in the Philippines

Source: College of Public Health

Published on 2020-06-08

In Oct. 2019, Taipei Medical University and the National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare co-hosted the “Workshop on Universal Health Coverage: National Health Insurance System, Smart Hospital and Taiwan Experience” in Manila, Philippines, which attracted over 100 attendees from the central and local Philippine industry, government, and academia, including representatives from hospitals, universities, and public health units, such as the Department of Health, PhilHealth, National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center, and The Medical City, and received many media coverage.

The workshop attracted over 100 attendees from the Philippine industry, government, and academia and received many media coverage

Apart from our country’s cloud technology applications in medical and health management leaving an impression on the Philippine representatives and bringing forth inquiries of the key to success, mutual understanding of the Taiwan and Philippine health insurance system and medical information system by the governments, specialists, researchers, medical and healthcare field personnel from both countries was promoted. Through the workshop, the medical and healthcare soft powers of our country were demonstrated, strengthening the international network, as well as expanding and reinforcing the collaboration in healthcare between Taiwan and New Southbound Policy countries; together, both countries will strive for the health and benefits of their people, initiating a new era of communication and interaction in the medical and healthcare fields between Taiwan and the Philippines.

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