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Welcome to ‘Your Life, Your Way’ brought to you by Taipei Medical University! In this program, you will get to know the great stories of people from all over the world studying, researching, working and living in TMU. You will be able to find out more about your possible educational opportunities, research interests and career pathway. Come and join us!

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Dr. Eisner Salamanca

Introduction and background
The teaching, research, and practice triangle
Dr. Eisner’s research
Why Taiwan, why TMU?
Future plans, suggestions for students –

The dentist-scientist career pathway in Taiwan

He’d originally planned to return to his native Nicaragua, but after language classes, graduate study, and an assistant professorship at TMU’s School of Dentistry, Dr. Eisner Salamanca is still excited to be in Taiwan. In this episode, Dr. Salamanca covers the importance of early oral hygiene, Taiwan’s advantage connecting research, teaching, and practical experience, and his research developing bone graft materials made using pig tissue. After more than ten years in Taiwan and almost as long at TMU, Dr. Salamanca emphasizes the dual benefits of one of his lab’s rules: balancing work and leisure – to help students make the most of their Taiwan study experience and to work better by relaxing their brains.

Dr. David-Jon Lundy

Background and getting started at TMU
Comfort with mistakes and failure
Managing academic relationships
Mental resources, work-life balance
Choosing a professor, TMU mentors
What makes a good student great
Making a productive start
Advice for life in Taiwan

Tips for students starting graduate school

Hailing from Washington, UK, Dr. David-Jon Lundy chose a career in biomedical science over becoming a doctor so he could stay closer to the “science” side of medicine. After graduating with a PhD and a 6000-mile journey to Taiwan, he applied his skills in a post-doc research position at Academia Sinica, where he spent the next four years working to regenerate heart tissue. Now Assistant Professor at TMU’s Graduate Institute of Biomedical Materials and Tissue Engineering, Dr. Lundy finds himself in closer contact with the “people” side of academia, where he spends much of his time helping Master’s and PhD students navigate the difficulties – and sometimes strangeness – of the world of academia. In this episode geared towards prospective graduate students, we hear Dr. Lundy’ thoughts on making the most of what makes a good student great, managing academic relationships, and the importance of embracing failure.

Ting-Yi Zoe Wu

Student Counselling Center, TMU Office of Student Affairs

BSRS-5 self-assessment tool


mental health services during the pandemic


mental health stressors faced by international students


recognizing and coping with stress


mental health support at TMU


recommendations for good mental health


final thoughts

Mental Health Awareness for International Students

Study away from home is often stressful for international students, and life during the current pandemic has exacerbated many of the stressors that affect students’ mental health. In this episode, Ting-Yi “Zoe” Wu, psychologist at TMU’s Student Counselling Center, case manager for international students, and former international student herself, discusses mental health awareness for students – common and covid-related stressors, assessing one’s state of mind, strategies for coping with stress, and mental health services available to students at TMU.

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