Key Research Highlights

At Taipei Medical University we have cultivated special research teams, underpinned by the university and college-level resources, to take on disease-focused translational medicine research and development. Combining the strengths of basic and clinical research, emerging and potential fields, this research covers four major fields (translational cancer, neuro-medicines, thoracic medicine, AI in medicine), two emerging ones (cell therapy and regeneration medicine, medical device development) while also exploring new potential research domains to speed up the development of clinical translational medicine.

Cancer Translational Medicine

Focused on gene expression and cancerization mechanisms, exploring cancer biomarkers to aid in early intervention, formulating clinical cancer treatment plans and discovering new drugs. Basic and clinical cancer research are consolidated to develop precision medicine.

>>> TMU Cancer Translational Medicine Research Center


Focused on cerebral trauma, strokes and vascular dementia, studies in AI medical imaging (radiogenomics), and metabolic peripheral neuropathy.

>>>TMU Neuroscience Research Center

Thoracic Medicine

Centered around developing basic research, new drugs, biomarkers and clinical trials for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary fibrosis, sleep apnea, air pollution, etc.

>>>TMU Thoracic Medicine Research Center

AI in Medicine

By combining the information of Taipei Medical University and the strength of its affiliated hospital, AI has been rapidly integrated into disease diagnosis and treatment, health management, rehabilitation, long-term care and food safety fields; core medical AI technologies are used to provide solutions to health problems at all levels.

>>> TMU AI in Medicine Research Center

Cell Therapy and Regeneration Medicine

We have established a GTP (Good Tissue Practice) laboratory that offers CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, Control) clinical-grade cell preparation and excellent quality control.

>>> TMU Cell Therapy and Regeneration Medicine Research Center

Medical Devices Development

Our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) factory and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) laboratory carry out the innovation, development and production of medical equipment.

>>> TMU Biomedical Devices Center