Located in Taiwan’s capital city, TMU provides our postgraduate students with cutting-edge research facilities in a culturally diverse environment to support their pursuit of solutions to health issues, ideas for biotechnological innovations, and quest for truth in medical sciences.

Hosting over 4,000 beds, TMU is the largest healthcare system in the Northern Taiwan. Our researchers and students work closely with frontline clinical professionals to improve the health of many families, including yours.

International Reputation

Ranked #30 in the 2021 Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings, TMU is the top private university in Taiwan and continues to rise in global rankings with increasing recognition of its quality teaching, research and clinical service in medicine and health sciences.

Flexible Course Arrangements

At TMU, students are encouraged to adapt to flexible blended learning to reach their academic goals. We provide both a combination of online learning activities and on-campus, in-person instructions to ensure that our students have access to a wide range of expertise across national borders despite the global crisis.

Problem-Solving Research

At TMU, more than 40% of TMU academic staff are qualified health professionals. With a deep understanding of the needs of the patients and our communities, we pursue top quality education and research to solve real-life problems through seamless integration of basic science and clinical applications.

Career Preparation

TMU is committed to supporting you to pursue your professional goals through solid career preparation. During your academic journey with TMU, you are not only gaining knowledge and skills, but also encouraged to connect with over 45,000 alumni, including healthcare professionals, educators, researchers, and government officers, from around the world to develop your career network.

Safe Campus

Your health and wellbeing are of our top priority. TMU has taken all necessary precautionary actions including entrance control and campus hygiene policy in alignment with the guidelines set by Taiwan government. Epidemic prevention supplies, such as face masks and 75% alcohol, are readily available at various outlets around the campus, supporting our students to carry on with learning and research without worrying about personal safety.

Vibrant Life in Taipei

Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, has a history of over 300 years with influences from the Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese cultures in its arts, food and architecture. Taipei was ranked #4 in QS Best Student Cities in Asia for its vibrant, diverse and multicultural scene. With the easy access to world cuisine, affordable and reliable health care, highly-integrated public transportation system, widely-praised press freedom, and most important of all, the friendly people, you can make the most of what Taipei has to offer while studying at TMU.













Equal Opportunity
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for admission without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability.

  • Due to the language of instruction  and entrance requirements, all undergraduate programs (including the medical and dental degree programs) are only open to Taiwanese students and overseas Chinese students.
  • For Overseas Chinese Students, please refer to here.
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