Congratulations on your admission to TMU! 

The checklist details the steps you must complete to enroll at the university.


Accept Your Admission Offer
Log into TMU admission system and accept the offer no later than Nov 24, 2023.
For those who have accepted the offer of admission, navigate to the “Enrollment Procedure” tab and click it to download the Admissions Notice.

Submit Authenticated Document 
To secure your place in TMU, upload required document by January 2, 2024.

  • Diplomas and transcripts of your most advanced education degree authenticated by the ROC (Taiwan) embassy/representative office
  • Official financial statement with the amount stipulated on your admission notice authenticated by the ROC (Taiwan) embassy/representative office

Arrange Your Accommodation
TMU is located in the central of Taipei city and the demand for student housing is high. TMU reserves a number of rooms for eligible new international students, and all reserved rooms are furnished. To apply for the TMU International Housing, please submit your application through the TMU admission system.
For more information, visit TMU Housing

Apply for Your VISA
Unless you are transferring to TMU from another Taiwan institution, you must use your Admission Notice or Enrollment Notice to apply for an visitor/resident visa for foreign students.

Arrival and Post-Arrival

Complete the Registration Process & Attend Orientation
Please read and follow the instructions carefully
Orientation & Registration


A full tuition waiver means that you are not required to pay for your tuition upon registration. However, other costs (e.g. accommodations, travel, VISA application, and insurance fee, etc.) should be borne by you.

The scholarships are awarded based on the evaluation of applicants’ overall performance. The decisions made by the committee are final and no requests for re-assessment

Yes if you have a student work permit.
For details, refer to

Click on the following link to find the overseas ROC Embassy or Mission that is assigned to the country where you received your most advanced degree from. Please note that certain ROC Embassies or overseas Mission offices may be tasked with covering multiple geographic locations.

To find the specific requirements and fees regarding the authentication of your transcripts and/or diploma, please check the website of the corresponding ROC Embassy in your country.

If you need more information on how to prepare and have your transcript and diploma authenticated, please directly contact the embassy since TMU does not have the authority to authenticate any document.

An official financial Statement is an English version of your bank statement. It has to state the balance equals or exceeds the minimum amount depending on the amount stipulated on the Admissions Notice. (USD4,000-8,000 depends on your scholarship type) and should be issued within 6 months.

For those who have sought and obtained the financial support of a benefactor for your studies, you are required to have your benefactor to sign the Financial Support Letter along with his/her authorized bank statement, which must be under his/her name.

TMU only accepts the following eligible forms of proof.

  • Proof under your name:

Official bank statement in English authenticated by Taiwanese Embassy or Taiwanese bankbook balance and cover if you have a Taiwanese bank account.

  • Proof under the name of your benefactor
  1. Financial Support Letter signed by applicant’s benefactor (Financial Support Letter Template)
  2. Official bank statement in English under his/her name authenticated by Taiwanese Embassy.

Your enrollment notification(where your TMU ID number shown) will be available after you successfully submit all required authenticated documents.
Enrollment notification will be issued and released by the first week of August.
Download your enrollment notification from the “Pre-Arrival Information” session in TMU admission system.

I got my TMU ID number!
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