TMU engages with a wide range of academic institutions and business partners to respond to healthcare needs both at home and worldwide. Our extensive professional network benefits the identification of strategic solutions to our common problems. Our high-caliber teaching and research staff actively participate in diverse  international activities that help the university develop and deliver top-tier research innovations and educational programs.


We promote student and staff exchanges for educational collaborations and research through our partnerships worldwide. Academics from over 230 partner institutions in Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific region are engaged in the exchange of ideas with our faculty. Our strategic partnerships with institutions such as Case Western Reserve University, Hokkaido University, Imperial College London, Johns Hopkins University, University of Lille, and University of Southern California have benefited our academics and students  both directly through short-term mobility and dual degree programs, and indirectly from faculty participation in collaborative research, exchanges, and training initiatives.

Taipei Medical University Hospital’s “Taiwan We Go” epidemic prevention medical team successfully completes mission to the Kingdom of Eswatini

Within 2 weeks, TMUH had put together the “Taiwan We Go” disease prevention and medical care team. May 1st, 2020, the team headed to Eswatini to begin the two-month disease prevention mission.

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