Mahidol University Study Delegation Visits TMU

In a move signaling Mahidol University President Banchong Mahaisavariya’s increased emphasis on internationalization, a staff delegation from Mahidol University paid a visit to TMU this September. By learning about operations at TMU, the delegation hopes to expand strategies and mechanisms for development and give staff a chance to build an internationalized view on work, while learning more about Taiwan at the same time.

Mahidol has sent smaller groups abroad in the past, but this time a total of 44 staff made the trip to Taiwan, led by Acting Vice President Professor Choakchai Metheetrairut, M.D., Acting Vice President for Human Resources Associate Professor Thanya Subhadrabandhu, M.D., and Acting Assistant to the President for Student Affairs and Alumni Assistant Professor Chatchai Kunavisarut.

Enthusiasm for learning about TMU best practices and adapting them for use in Thailand was clear. During presentations, Mahidol staff eagerly engaged TMU representatives about ISO certification processes, IT outsourcing, emergency services, accounting, and alternative energy use. Other topics for discussion included student affairs, internationalization, teaching and research, as well as strategic planning and development of the university. This interaction reflects the delegation’s goals of improving staff capacity, presentation and management skills, and gaining experience communicating in a foreign country.

Mahidol staff brought up TMU’s strengths in worker mindset and organization as something they could incorporate in their jobs back home. They saw TMU staff as tidy and organized in their workspaces, as well as having diligent, self-disciplined, and hardworking attitudes. TMU staff’s ability to communicate in English was also praised as being helpful and going a long way towards running international activities smoothly. Mahidol staff also appreciated TMU’s modern research facilities, as well as the atmosphere of the iCollege area that gives students a place to take a break and relax when free from classes.

The delegation’s visit to TMU was a great opportunity for staff from both schools to learn more about each other, and for Mahidol staff to find new ideas to help them meet President Mahaisavariya’s goal of increased internationalization and intercultural expansion. TMU Vice President Wu hopes that this cooperation visit can help “develop a wider scope of cooperation and create another chapter of collaboration” for future academic and research alliances.

Building on the close working relationships shared between the two institutions, this visit will help bring Mahidol University and TMU closer than ever before.

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