College of Interdisciplinary Studies opens to forge entrepreneurs

Source: College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Published on 2018-05-16

TMU’s newest college develops biomedical talent by promoting creative thinking and design education. These skills enable students to solve problems, and diverse coursework connects innovation with entrepreneurship to link many disciplines and professions. This college offers a much wider range of choices for students than traditional double majors.

President Chien-Huang Lin spoke at the new college’s opening ceremony

The College of Interdisciplinary Studies anticipates social and global developments and applies artificial intelligence, big data, programming, entrepreneurship and digital content to build solutions. Each micro-learning course is 3 to 6 weeks, and all TMU students are allowed to take these courses.

“Education is no longer only taught for the present, but for the future,” President Chien-Huang Lin said. He added that although medical education is TMU’s founding mission, the university must face this era of information overload by pursuing artificial intelligence in all matters. He also said that an interdisciplinary college can help TMU cultivate a broader vision.

For example, after a medical student has completed a micro-learning course on artificial intelligence, she is likely to be more helpful in developing “smart hospitals.” If respiratory therapy or geriatric care students study AI, perhaps they can use these approaches in providing health services and long-term care. The interdisciplinary college will help TMU students develop humanistic qualities, innovation capabilities, and an international outlook.

TMU has renovated offices so the new college is expected to officially open in April 2018. Various colleges can set up practical courses and workshops to strengthen students’ practice and application capabilities; these will include carpentry, 3D printing, and Lego robotics workshops.

Taipei Medical University establishing “OHDSI Taiwan Chapter,” joining global transnational research published in JAMIA

In collaboration with the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI), Taipei Medical University (TMU) established “OHDSI Taiwan Chapter” and participated in the "Uncovering exposures responsible for birth season– disease effects," a global research conducted by experts and scholars from Taiwan, the US, South Korea and other countries.

Taipei Medical University Celebrates 60 Years of Excellence

Taipei Medical University (TMU) celebrated the 60th anniversary of founding on October 30, 2020, with more than 450 dignitaries, professors, students and alumni joining the diamond jubilee.

2020 Taipei Medical University Oral Medical Service Teams Visited Rural Areas

In 2020, TMU College of Oral Medicine sent three medical service teams, comprised of faculty members and students, to visit remote areas in Taiwan.

Under pandemic, Taipei Medical University helped international students successfully join the TMU community

With the abundant support, fortunately, TMU helped 98% enrolled students successfully travel to Taiwan and join the TMU community under such a vicious pandemic, as of December 23, 2020.

TMU Outstanding International Alumni-Edi Sampurno Ridwan

Dr. Ridwan works on maintaining quality of and accessibility to education for students from all over Indonesia, which can be challenging especially considering the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Taipei Medical University Hospital and Taiwan AI Labs screening for COVID-19 with AI Chest X-ray

The screening system applies AI to read chest X-rays uploaded by the hospital, and instantly provides clinicians with reliable values on the location of pneumonia and lung infection.

TMU and Academia Sinica officially launch the Taiwan Precision Medicine Initiative (TPMI)

The initiative is a large-scale clinical genetic research project conducted by the Academia Sinica in collaboration with 13 medical center-level hospitals in Taiwan.