Preserving History and Building Sustainability: The Renovation of TMU Teaching Building

Source: Office of General Affairs

Published on 2024-04-02

TMU Teaching Building, an enduring symbol of our institution’s legacy, has recently been honored with the 2023 Taipei Architecture Renovation Award.

TMU Teaching Building still maintains its iconic architectural concrete look.

This accolade recognizes the building’s dual significance in both medical education and architectural heritage, reflecting TMU’s ongoing commitment to excellence and progress.

Constructed in 1963 by renowned Taiwanese architect Frank M. H. Wu, the Teaching Building stands as a testament to timeless design and practicality. Wu’s use of architectural concrete and white cement imbued the structure with a sense of elegance and simplicity. Furthermore, Wu applied vertical baffles and used a large eave, blending them with Brutalist elements to echo the building’s response to environmental and climate influences.

The building is one of the three earliest built on the campus.

Comprising three floors and housing 14 amphitheaters, each accommodating over 160 students, the Teaching Building has long been an integral part of TMU’s landscape. Over the years, TMU has made careful renovations to ensure that the building remains in line with evolving educational standards, prioritizing the creation of an optimal learning environment.

These renovations have not only modernized the Teaching Building with state-of-the-art electromechanical and electrical systems but also integrated sustainable features, reflecting TMU’s commitment to environmental stewardship. By marrying historical preservation with contemporary sustainability practices, the Teaching Building stands as a beacon of innovation and progress, symbolizing TMU’s dedication to both its past and its future.