Chasing Excellence- A Swazi Dentist Crossed Continents for a Tailored Dentistry Course at TMU

Source: College of Oral Medicine

Published on 2024-02-02

In mid-2023, Professor Hsin-Chung Cheng, Dean of TMU College of Oral Medicine, had the opportunity to connect with Dr. Musa, a distinguished dentist from Eswatini.

This introduction was facilitated by former Dean Jenny Su of Office of Public Affairs and Dr. Rong-Chin Chao from the Rotary Club. Dr. Musa expressed a keen interest in gaining insights into orthodontics from Professor Cheng, who, with his dual role as an outstanding dentist and commitment to nurturing international talents, promptly agreed. Subsequently, Professor Cheng initiated a month-long course preparation to accommodate Dr. Musa’s learning objectives.

Dr. Musa recevied tailored dentistry class from Prof. Cheng

Reflecting on the experience, Professor Cheng was impressed by Dr. Musa’s enduring passion for advancing his skills and knowledge, showcasing a remarkable commitment to enhancing patient care even in his sixties. Professor Cheng meticulously curated an immersive program, blending in physical classes and clinical mentorship sessions.

Dr. Musa, appreciative of the enriching program, acknowledged his limited exposure to orthodontics during his dental education. Despite the brevity of the two-week program, its significance resonates deeply, symbolizing the strong connection between Taipei Medical University and the medical landscape of Eswatini.

Dr. Musa’s photos with Prof. Cheng and classmates (left) and with Luisa Shu-Ying Chang, one of Executive Vice Presidents (right), after his graducation at TMU.

Beyond this program, Taipei Medical University’s engagement extends to Eswatini through an annual free medical examination, providing TMU students with hands-on training while collaborating with local staff. Moreover, the notable research achievements between TMU and Eswatini, particularly in the area of controlling and preventing the local parasitic disease, further solidify the collaborative relationship. These endeavors not only present invaluable learning opportunities for both parties but also underscore TMU’s long-term engagement in global health initiatives.

Moving forward, TMU remains committed to fostering more international partnerships, dedicating to advancing global healthcare with the overarching goal of enhancing well-being on a worldwide scale.