Taipei Medical University Hospital Advances Toward Precision Medical Excellence

Source: Taipei Medical University Hospital

Published on 2023-11-27

In the pursuit of delivering the best quality of precision medicine, Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH) marked a significant step by introducing a medical imaging center as well as laboratories for translational medical research and precision medicine in the summer of 2023, along with the incorporation of top-tier medical devices.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Recognizing the value of prevention over care, TMUH initiated the use of BioMatrix MRI in its medical imaging center.  BioMatrix MRI, a revolutionary medical imaging device, surpasses the limitations of traditional models, boasting radiation-free, precise, and noiseless scans. In the past, patients experienced considerable discomfort during the examinations, with the need to attach multiple electrode pads to their bodies and enduring loud noises, often causing anxiety. With the introduction of BioMatrix MRI, patients can now undergo quiet and tranquil examinations.

TMU initiated the use of BioMatrix MRI in the medical imaging center

Furthermore, the center introduced the GE Revolution CT Apex Edition, capable of scanning all three coronary arteries in a single cardiac cycle. This remarkable device offers exceptional stability, enabling precise scans even when the patient’s heart rate is elevated. This not only shortens the examination duration but also significantly enhances diagnostic accuracy, facilitating the doctor’s ability to make precise diagnoses.

Meanwhile, TMUH celebrated the inauguration of laboratories for translational medical research and precision medicine in the Tsai Wan-Tsai Cancer building. By pooling together talents from two other affiliated hospitals, TMUH enlisted over 50 experienced and distinguished doctors to serve as clinical trial consultants. Chien-Huang Lin, the former president of TMU, expressed that the primary goal of these centers and laboratories is to provide patients with a more professional and precise level of healthcare. Furthermore, researchers from TMUH, Shuang Ho Hospital, and Wanfang Hospital will be empowered to conduct advanced research using cutting-edge medical devices, accelerating progress in biotechnology within the precision medicine field.