TMU Hospital’s Smart Epidemic Prevention in 2020

Source: Taipei Medical University Hospital

Published on 2021-05-04

Under the threat of COVID-19 pandemic, contactless services become prevailing which effectively avoid physical contact.

To prevent the recurrence of the epidemic domestically, Taipei Medical University (TMU) Hospital has been pushing hard for smart epidemic prevention and has successively introduced contactless epidemic prevention equipment.

TMU Hospital has consecutively introduced digital epidemic prevention equipment such as contactless smart epidemic prevention self-service machines, Contact-Free Connected Health Care Platform, high-efficiency filter masks/fashionable protective clothing and screening for COVID-19 with AI Chest X-ray.

Contactless smart epidemic prevention self-service machines
TMU Hospital officially launched the Contactless Intelligent Safepass Kiosk (CIS Kiosk) in December 2020. The machine is created for assisting medical institutions with achieving first-line access control. It is equipped with functions, such as travel history checking, real-name registering, and temperature and mask-wearing monitoring, for visitors coming into the hospital.

Apart from reducing the potential risk of infection, the equipment can also be applied to the access control in major enterprises for epidemic prevention, creating a win-win scenario where epidemic prevention is enhanced and labor cost is reduced.

In the event of an outbreak within an institute, the various monitoring data management reports stored in the machine would be automatically consolidated and submitted to the government for tracking and investigating so as to efficiently control the risk of cluster infection.

The contactless smart epidemic prevention self-service machines is one of the key strategies in TMU Hospital’s the comprehensive access control management.

Contact-Free Connected Health Care Platform
Contact-Free Connected Health Care Platform applies AI algorithms with devices to automatically measure heart rate, respiration and body temperature. The data are synchronized to the “Patient Dynamic Dashboard,” an electronic whiteboard, in nursing stations for timely interpretation and management by medical staff. In addition, remote videos are used in the wards to integrate the real-time video system of emergency call bells. Patients can communicate with medical staff by video call. If an emergency occurs, the nursing station will also be able to remotely open the ward image for immediate care.

Screening for COVID-19 with AI Chest X-ray
At TMU Hospital, doctors are able to apply the AI Chest X-ray Detection System (胸腔X光偵測系統), which can automatically detect the COVID-19 infection symptoms, to the hospital’s standard procedure. The AI system reads chest X-rays uploaded, displays the characteristic location of pneumonia and detects the credibility value of infection in the lungs in real time. With the system, the hospital’s treatment process can be prominently speeded up.

TMU Hospital applies the AI Chest X-ray Detection System, which can automatically detect the COVID-19 infection symptoms.

Hepa filter face mask/ fashionable protective clothing/ epidemic prevention gears
To reduce waste, TMU Hospital innovated reusable hepa filter face masks and developed fashionable protective clothing where innovative water-repellent and comfortably breathable fabrics with epidemic prevention functions were used.

TMU Hospital launched reusable high-efficiency filter masks and fashionable protective clothing.

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