Grand Launching of Taipei Medical University–Nutrition Indonesia Alumni Association

Source: Office of Global Engagement

Published on 2021-04-07

College of Nutrition, Taipei Medical University (TMU) has launched its very first international branch of alumni association on July 23rd, 2020 in i-College TMU, Taipei, Taiwan.

Taking the appellation of Taipei Medical University–Nutrition Indonesia Alumni Association (TMU-NIAA), this alumni association embraces alumni of College of Nutrition, TMU from Indonesia. The grand launching party organized by TMU-NIAA and College of Nutrition, TMU was successfully held.

TMU-NIAA was launched by Dean of College of Nutrition, Dean of Public Affairs, and President of TMU-NIAA by unveiling TMU-NIAA board, giving placard of TMU-NIAA to College of Nutrition, and take the first cut of tumpeng1. In addition, performance of angklung2 and vocal group from Indonesian students combined with the Indonesia’s cuisines effectively brought Indonesia’s atmosphere to TMU. It is Indonesia’s tradition to have Tumpeng in organization launching ceremony. It symbolizes the gratefulness and wish for the blessed future. It is consisted of pyramid-like shape of yellow rice completed with several side dishes, such as egg and chicken.

It started in 2012 when the first generation of Indonesian students came to study in School of Nutrition and Health Sciences, TMU, which at that time it was still under College of Public Health and Nutrition. Year by year, Indonesian students who came to study in College of Nutrition, TMU are rising. There are 19 Indonesian alumni who graduated from this institution; 3 alumni from doctoral program, 15 alumni from master program, and 1 alumnus from undergraduate program. Not to mention two Indonesian students who joined Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP) Summer Exchange and one Indonesian student has enrolled in Master Program in Graduate Institute of Metabolism and Obesity Sciences in 2019, which enlarge the Indonesian alumni number. Therefore, along with the suggestion and support from Dean of College of Nutrition, Indonesian alumni initiated this association.

Nutrition Indonesia Alumni Association holds motto “build future together through connection and collaboration” that carries meaning to strengthen and build the connection among its members as well as the relation between Indonesia alumni and College of Nutrition, TMU. The vision of TMU-NIAA includes to develop and strengthen ties between Indonesia alumni and College of Nutrition by providing diverse tangible benefits including a forum to build cooperation, sharing knowledge, network opportunities, media consultation, and communication facilities. In order to achieve that vision, TMU-NIAA is committed to provide:
(1) a dynamic society for alumni to gather and develop life-long relationship among College of Nutrition, TMU and its alumni.
(2) an association with strong ties to academic and research, and the ability to promote mentoring, internship, and career opportunities for students and alumni.
(3) accessible and innovative promotion of the College of Nutrition’s researches in order to connect alumni and the public to cutting-edge science.
Moreover, TMU-NIAA organizes three departments to complete the mission, those are Department of Social Engagement, Department of Academic Affairs, and Department of Global Partnership.

Group photo of the launching of Taipei Medical University–Nutrition Indonesia Alumni Association