TMU Healthcare System’s Outstanding Achievements on Sustainability Wins Grand Awards

Source: Taipei Medical University Hospital

Published on 2024-02-19

Since 2022, TMU Healthcare System has been actively pursuing the establishment of a sustainable healthcare system, with the vision to cultivate a future with well-being.

Demonstrating steadfast determination, TMU Healthcare System implemented robust green medical care policies. This dedication bore fruit as TMU Healthcare System earned recognition from Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA), Taiwan Sustainability Action Award (TSAA), and Asia-Pacific Sustainability Action Awards (APSAA).

Jan-Show Chu, Executive Vice President of Sustainability at TMU, received awards from Yung-Ming Chang, Secretary General at the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

TMU Healthcare System, comprising Taipei Medical University and its six affiliated hospitals, tailored policies for each institute to enhance performance most efficiently. For example, Taipei Medical University and TMU Shuang Ho Hospital, aiming to improve the safety and quality of their workplace, put effort into reducing greenhouse gas emissions by improving medical and administrative procedures, which won them awards of Workplace Wellbeing Leadership and Climate Leadership from TCSA.

In 2023, Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH) made an impressive leap in implementing sustainable healthcare services while earning seven awards and securing the top position in Taiwan’s hospitals. TMUH has been conducting free medical examinations in Eswatini regularly while collaborating with local experts on researching local parasite problems, corresponding to SDG3 focus on promoting good health and well-being worldwide. Additionally, TMUH integrated its medical standard procedure in treating cerebral palsy with AI. Now, patients no longer grapple with recalling intricate rehabilitation steps; instead, they follow the precise instructions of AI, thereby conserving valuable human resources for the hospital. Additionally, TMUH undertook a revolutionary shift in the material used for anesthesia, thereby reducing the greenhouse gas emissions during the treatment. This multifaceted approach earned TMUH prestigious honors, including the Climate Leadership Award, Social Inclusion Leadership Award, and Growth Through Innovation Leadership Award, underscoring its unwavering commitment to realizing an advanced and sustainable medical healthcare system.

TMUH arranged courses to train its employees as sustainability managers.

TMUH’s Commitment to the Society

TMUH extends its services beyond traditional hospital institutions to medically underserved rural areas. Since 2017, the hospital has been dedicated to New Taipei City and has established 10 service points – a record coverage among Taipei hospitals. TMUH utilizes a digital transformation platform to ensure its service quality in providing timely care. Upholding the steadfast commitment, TMUH constantly updates medical devices, significantly reducing the operation duration of the digital monitoring platform, which has shortened from 5 days to 10 seconds. This advancement not only conserves the energy of residents traveling long distances for medical care but also contributes to societal well-being and enhances healthcare accessibility.