Exploring Cultural Depths at TMU: Thursday, Thirsty for Art Series Unveiled at XinYi Campus

Source: Center for General Education

Published on 2024-03-14

TMU has long been committed to fostering a diverse range of talents, not only in the medical field but also in embracing cultural diversity.

In line with this ethos, TMU held a series of art appreciation activities “Thursday, Thirsty for Art” at the XinYi Campus, inviting not only TMU students and staff but also neighboring communities.

The debut performance featured “The Golden Sound of 3+4+5 Ensemble (鎏響十二重奏),” comprising captivating performances of a piano trio, a saxophone quartet, and a brass quintet, offering an immersive musical journey. This was followed by a Chinese crosstalk performance titled “Pick Me Up,” seamlessly blending ancient artistry with modern flair, cleverly incorporating elements unique to TMU.

Participants were then treated to the serene ambiance of a Japanese tea ceremony, led by a distinguished lecturer from Urasenke, exploring the essence of Japanese culture – harmony, purity, and tranquility. The series concluded with a soul-stirring vocal showcase, transporting the audience through realms of Classicism, Romanticism and oratorio, leaving a lasting impression.

In the future, TMU remains committed to fostering cultural exploration, encouraging students and staff to experience different cultures. More types of performances are awaiting to kick off in 2024.